Future capability by HR Management

We are commited to our clients to building something new which will meet
the requirements of the future – that is the permanent·es passion…

The melting of glass gives an illustration of what I feel about creating something new: different natural raw-materials are blended in a process of utmost energy and movement. Manifold forms are created out of hot drops.

Whoever watches with attention is amazed by the beauty of the glass, its transparency and luster as well as its preciousness. We all know that glass is prone to break depending on consistency and pressure. A lack of care may result in harm.

Permanent personnel management means working with all our energy amalgamating emotion, reason and implementive power. We get all kinds of people meeting and moving, developing potential and teams with a clear vision of the future, thereby pointing to profitable products and markets.

We are bent on acting responsibly by promoting awareness, prudence and care towards people in organisations. Transformation in organisations shall involve everyone as an active participator in creating sustainable structures.

erika schroth

permanent·es creating sustainable success