Change & Leadership: Change with Opportunities

„As a change management consultant, Erika Schroth co-developed future-relevant visions and strategies with us. From these, we jointly derived goals and competencies for both management and staff. Mrs. Schroth also supported us with competence and diplomacy during the implementation of our HR strategy, and with her untiring ‚drive‘ she made a valuable contribution to the sustainable footing and growth of our company.“ (Managing Partner, Filter Technology, Weinheim)

With our sense of responsibility over process guidance and our awareness of the importance of employees’ trust in their management, we provide support in all phases of change processes on both company and personal levels. Our services include:
Developing awareness of the need for change

  • Developing and communicating visions, strategies and measurable goals
  • Communicating changes to staff in order to create transparency
  • Developing the role of managers in setting an example
  • Management by objectives for both short-term and long-term success with staff
  • Structural alignment to changed framework conditions
  • Staff participation in reorganisation, and in a feedback culture
  • Consolidating success and institutionalising changes
  • Cultivating new patterns of behaviour
  • Ensuring management development and succession

permanent·es creating sustainable success