Competence & Performance: Talent Management

„Her humour, openness and empathy, and above all her competent and high-quality services create a sense of trust and facilitate my daily work as CEO. In various HR projects like team development, recruitment of skilled workers and executive staff, and in negotiations with the works council, she succeeded brilliantly in making a significant contribution towards improving the performance and results of the individual companies in our packaging group.“ (CEO, international company in the packaging industry, Achern).

We will provide all for you via integrated Competence and Performance Management to win and retain the best talents:

  • Competence Management, Definition of relevant key competences, Specification of skills in job descriptions and requirement profiles, Analysis of employee potential, Identifying apposite qualification measures as well as professional development measures by promotion, training, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Performance Management, Implementation of job classification and analysis of salaries, developing and implementation of a variable, performance-related salary system also reviewing the innovation and performance quality of your staff and management with annual employee –employer appraisals and KPIs (key performance indicators) as a basis for the evaluations, Competitive and humanly balanced organisation of working time.

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