Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity Management

“Every human being is diverse according to the dimensions age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and Weltanschauung as well as physical capabilities. We encourage executive managers to break new ground and provide them with a set of tools to manage the diversity of the people in their department. With regards to the recruitment and development of talents, we are experts particularly considering the equality of women in their occupations, integration of generations as well as different nationalities.” (Erika Schroth)

Our service in Diversity Management comprises:

Diversity Strategy & Organisation, development of an open-minded corporate culture, a competitive personnel structure and an innovative working environment.

Unfolding Potential, diversity branding which comprises a targeted search, acquisition and selection of diverse candidates.

Inclusion, targeted development measures, such as intercultural team building, mixed leadership training, knowledge transfer across generations, personnel development according to physical capabilities and in case of cultural differences according to ethical standards, religion and Weltanschauung.

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